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Why Use The Business Cardiff Virtual Office Service?

Does your business require a credible address in the heart of Cardiff?

A Virtual Office Service is where a serviced office company offers all the benefits of having a physical office without the large overheads.

Flexible workspaces are necessary for many businesses. Because office space rentals can be expensive, especially those in prime locations, the idea of a virtual office is becoming very popular. A virtual office opens up the opportunity for business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs to use a prime business address with all the related benefits, but without the financial burden.

This includes:

Physical Business Address

Use a professional address to register you business. 

Some business permits and documents require a physical address. Especially if the business is online-based or if there are only very few employees who work remotely, then a virtual office would be an ideal choice. This physical address may also be used to receive business mail, packages, and more.

Close to Cardiff Bay

Close to City Centre

Mail Forwarding

If our address is going to be the face of your company, it also should be the address to which your mail is sent. Have your mail sent to us and we will send it straight to you, either by fax or post. Collection is also an option.

Telephone Support

A regional landline is an essential indication of trust. Use our Cardiff landline number and have the call redirected to your mobile. This is great for the companies image and is also one of many contributing factors to where the website is positioned in the “Google My Business” listings (i.e. the maps section in the Google search results).

Access to Meeting Rooms

Use our space for important meetings.

A virtual office may be used as a physical office space when needed. In most cases, these offices are equipped with high-speed Internet connection, decent working areas, conference rooms, and more. If a business owner needs to meet with clients and/or employees, the office space may be used.

The features and services offered by virtual offices vary. It is best to check on the availability of required services prior to signing up.

Why Does You're Business Need a Virtual Office?

In business, what your clients or prospects think of you is everything. Coming across unprofessional can ruin a business relationship before it even starts.

Using a Virtual Office can help prevent this.

Who Would Benefit from a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices are built with the business owner in mind. While many assume that this kind of office is best only for startups, small businesses, it is actually very beneficial even for larger businesses. 

Smaller companies that operate with primarily remote workers are the ones that would benefit from a virtual office the most. Especially for startups that have as little as one or two people on the payroll, it wouldn’t be ideal or practical to build a private office. However, having a physical office address may still be necessary. 

Truth be told, some small business owners who are still struggling financially may find it a challenge to hire more people on their team. This results in overworking and less productivity for their few employees. Having access to professional services and assistance as mentioned above through a virtual office would be truly helpful to them. 

Furthermore, because the trend for online freelancing continues to grow by the day, these freelancers would also benefit from a virtual office. By having a virtual office, they’d have more than just their email address to provide to their clients. This establishes trust and confidence between the freelancer and his clients. 

The same goes for self-employed entrepreneurs. For instance, those who operate eCommerce stores may also benefit greatly from having the opportunity to get a virtual office address. They may also use the virtual office as a venue to meet with clients. 

In some cases, larger businesses use virtual offices as part of their expansion. Having access to a virtual office address enables them to increase their number of branches or satellite offices. They may use this opportunity as well to increase their reach to wider service areas. 

The Pros of a Virtual Office

Virtual offices may offer different benefits depending on the arrangement a business has with them. While this setup is not made for all kinds of businesses, it is greatly beneficial for many others. Especially for startups and small businesses with little budget to work with, a virtual office might just be their best choice. Among the numerous advantages of using a virtual office are the following:

1. Access to a Physical Office Address

A physical office address is highly important for many businesses. When securing permits or advertising their products and services, a physical office address may be needed. This also allows the business owner to keep their home address private if their home is where they currently hold office. 

As mentioned above, large businesses looking to expand may find the need to use virtual offices. They may use this fixed office address as one of their branches or satellite office. Having several office addresses, even if they’re just virtual offices, in different towns and/or cities would certainly add prestige to a business. 

2. Professional Services and a Manned Office Space

Professional services may be offered in some virtual offices. The manned office space means there would always be someone in the office during operating hours. If a client drops by, someone will be around to greet them. If there are phone calls, mail, packages, and others for the business owner, the employees of the virtual office may receive on behalf of the owner. 

3. Increased Client or Customer Confidence

Having the chance to get an office address for a business increases client and customer confidence greatly. For example, a client would be a lot more confident in dealing with a company that can give them an office address rather than a PO Box Number or a residential address. 

4. Temporary Work Space When Necessary

If a self-employed entrepreneur operating an online business suddenly loses Internet connection, he has an option to use the virtual office to continue his work. If a business owner needs to meet with his remote employees, a conference room may be provided in a virtual office. A decent area may also be used when meeting with visiting clients. 

5. Practical and Affordable 

Most importantly, a virtual office is practical and affordable. More often than not, one can get short-term leases or very cheap membership fees to acquire a virtual office address. Of course, the rates would depend on the business’ needs and requirements from the virtual office. It is a practical choice especially for startups and small businesses that have little budget to work with to get a large office rental space.