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Newly refurbished serviced offices in the centre of Cardiff. Walking distance to both train stations and onsite parking.

Serviced Office

Elegant office solutions for forward thinking businesses

Onsite Parking

Unlike other serviced offices in the centre of Cardiff, our has onsite parking. Spaces are limited so inquire soon so you don't miss out.

Great Locations

Based just on the edge of the city centre, our offices couldn't be much better placed. Hundreds of cafes and restaurants within a 5-minute walk.

Well Connected

Business Cardiff is uniquely positioned within 10 minutes walk from Queen Street Station, Central Station and Cardiff Bay Station,

Fast Internet

Fast internet is crucial. Our dedicated line guarantees ultra-fast internet at all times. Each office has its own wifi and ethernet.

About Our Serviced Offices

Spaces ranging from 2 desk to 5 desk offices

First impressions mean a lot in business. With our serviced offices, you can welcome clients and colleagues to a workspace to be proud of. Our offices are professional whilst affordable, private with social communal areas.

Whats Included?

  • Prestigious Cardiff Address
  • 24/7 Access
  • Breakout Space
  • Kitchen
  • Onsite Parking
  • Ultra Fast Internet


We put our heart and soul into making Business Cardiff a fantastic place to work. Each office has bags of natural light, heating and a view across one of Cardiff’s famous canals. We know the importance of a lightning-fast internet connection, which is why each office has a dedicated line.

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Serviced Offices

Running a business involves making a lot of big decisions. One of those things a business owner must decide on is the perfect location for work and other company operations. Serviced offices are fast gaining popularity for long-time and startup businesses alike. For those who haven’t heard of this fairly new concept yet, it may seem complicated or even expensive. But for many others, the pros of using serviced offices certainly outweigh the cons. Truth be told, for many business owners, choosing to work in a serviced office is a wise decision.

Gone are the days when a business must purchase land and build a structure as a working space. There are those who opt to lease or rent out office spaces or even entire buildings, depending on the company’s size and requirements. Today, there are many who look for a serviced office because of its convenience and practicality. Nowadays, it is very common for a lot of business owners to work in serviced offices because of the numerous benefits these working spaces can offer.

What is a Serviced Office?

Imagine yourself starting a new job in a new city or town. You’re unsure of how long you’ll be in this job. You can probably afford to buy a home of your own or to rent out a large house. However, you still have to wait and see if the job works out well for you. Renting out a fully furnished apartment would be a better option, right? It may seem expensive in the beginning, but it is far more convenient because everything’s ready and prepared for you. The concept is pretty much the same for serviced offices.

Generally speaking, a serviced office is a fully-furnished working space. Aside from furniture and other features you may need for your business, it comes with a number of amenities and professional services you can use. You don’t have to hire a receptionist. You don’t even have to worry about maintenance because all of these are covered by the services offered in this kind of office. It’s pretty much like a serviced fully-furnished apartment or a hotel where you’ll be staying long-term! The best part is that you won’t be forced to stay for a long period of time. Instead of the usual 3 to 5-year leases for most office spaces, you can choose short-term contracts with serviced offices.

It’s true that it’s more expensive compared to bare working spaces you can rent out. However, you must all consider what your business is about. How long do you need the working space for? How much would you have to spend on office furniture or hiring other people doing general jobs such as receiving your calls, cleaning the office floor, or fixing computer problems? All these and more are some of the things you no longer have to spend on or think about when you use a serviced office.

Who Needs a Serviced Office?

Truth be told, any business that rents office spaces may find the need for a serviced office. If your business isn’t large enough yet to be able to afford a real estate property to build your office upon, or if you’re still testing waters on where you should best establish your place of business, then a serviced office would be most ideal.

Startup businesses would also benefit a lot from serviced offices. There are several startups in other serviced offices in Cardiff. You wouldn’t need to buy the things you would need for your new office all at the same time. You can use amenities and other features offered by a serviced office including pre-hired employees offering secretarial, maintenance, reception, and other necessary services.

Even established large businesses in the process of expansion can benefit from serviced offices. Instead of having to wait until you find the perfect working space, you can use a serviced office instead so you can start your expansion right away.

Keep Your Address

Of course we wouldn’t want you to leave but we now that businesses need to be flexible. This is precisely why we have launched our Virtual Office service so you can keep your business address long after you have left us.

    The Benefits of a Services Office


    Putting up a business takes a lot of time, money, and effort. While you can certainly find ways to come up with money to spend and have the willpower to exert all the effort needed, time is simply something that money can’t buy. A serviced office is a great time-saver because everything’s already prepared for you. With more time on your hands, you can focus on planning and building your business. Just move into your new office and start working!


    Because it saves you a lot of time, a serviced office is certainly hassle-free. All the things you need from an office are already available for you. If you have further requests, you simply have to ask and these can be arranged. This is far more convenient than having to handle everything on your own.

    Availability of Specialised Services

    From maintenance to front desk assistance to IT experts to logistics professionals, you can get specialized services from key people you would usually need for your business. You don’t have to hire these people as part of your company anymore. You can get their service and ask for their assistance as part of the amenities you’re paying for in a serviced office.

    Impressive Working Space

    Serviced offices are well-maintained, clean, elegant, and beautiful. When you have such a great working space, your customers and/or clients who visit you at your place of work would certainly be impressed. Furthermore, your employees will be more productive and motivated to do better when you give them a work-conducive environment.


    Most importantly, a serviced office is practical. As earlier mentioned, it may seem expensive in the beginning. After all, most serviced offices are way more expensive compared to usual office spaces for rent. But you have to realize all the advantages of working in a serviced office. You won't be forced to sign a long-term lease. While some office space rentals would give you no choice but to get a 3 or 5-year contract, you can arrange something short-term with serviced offices. Simply consider all the benefits mentioned above and you will know for sure that you’re saving more money in the long run by using serviced offices.


    Serviced offices often have communal kitchens, workspaces and areas to relax. This is a great opportunity to build strong relationships with other business owners.